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Here are some frequently asked questions about Besty.


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    You can add up to 20 live items for women and 20 live items for men to your store. You can create more than that however, only 20 can be live for each gender. If you only sell women products, then your store will be limited to 20 products and the same thing goes for men. Be sure to regularly update your catalogue by adding new items and removing items that didn’t sell well. Adding regularly new products will create events on your boutique which will enable you to get noticed on Besty. Restricting the number of products a brand can add allows clients to go straight to the essential of the label instead of browsing endless catalogs of products.

    There are 6 types of products you can add to your boutique : bestsellers, novelties, sales, limited editions, collabs and custom made products. These products are called Highlights. Be sure to select them carefully as they represent the spirit of your brand.


    There has never been so many brands and products in the fashion industry, making it harder and harder for labels to get noticed and for customers to stay attentive to new trends. In order to stand out of the crowd, not only do you need to offer the curation but you also need to engage with the clients and tell them the story behind your brand, your collections and your items.
    Consumers need to understand in order to appreciate. Hence, you need to share your knowledge and expertise by generating content to educate them and help them make the right decision. This will help you boost your sales and create a worldwide community around your brand.
    You can educate customers through multiple ways like great brand description, detailed text and video product description, direct discussion or even live streams!


    There is no setup fee or monthly subscription fee for your Besty boutique. However, Besty does charge a 30% commission on orders placed for your products.

    You can access the invoice details of all orders placed on your Besty boutique in your seller dashboard.

    If you are a European brand and registered for VAT within the EU, you can add your VAT number to your invoices.


    Besty lets you use our integrated shipping solution to ship your orders everywhere in the world. All you have to do is enter your default package dimensions. These dimensions, along with your pickup address and the customer's delivery address will be used to calculate the shipping price during checkout.
    Orders must be shipped fast, (within 2 days of payment if possible) but we understand that your order processing time might be impacted by COVID-19. Therefore, we ask our sellers to process orders as fast as they can for regular products and custom-made items as this will reduce risks of order cancellation by the customers.
    You will be able to organize a pickup for your order at your address. The address used for the pickup is the one you entered in your "My Account" page. 
    It is advisable to include a packaging slip which confirms the order. Please ensure that your order is shipped with care, effort and attention to detail. The small things such as beautifully packaged items can make a big difference to customer perceptions of your business.
    Every time an order is placed for one or several of your products, you will receive an email notification. From your seller dashboard you will be able to see the product's details and the customer's details. You will also be able to print your shipping label to put on your package. Payment for your order will be sent to you after the order is marked as fulfilled that means after you ship the order and enter the tracking number from your seller dashboard.


    Orders may be cancelled up until the point when they are shipped. Once the order is shipped there are 2 types of returns a client can ask for : refunds and exchanges.

    If customers wish to return an item for any reason, they need to inform the seller by writing within 14 days of receiving the item mentioning clearly which type of return they want to proceed to (refund or exchange) and which product they would like to receive in case of an exchange. 

    The seller then needs to provide instructions on how to return the item and once the item is received back, process the refund or the exchange. Do not ask customers to send returns to Besty.

    Made-to-order items are not applicable for refunds or exchanges and can only be cancelled before they are shipped provided that the garment hasn’t been altered or made yet.

    Return postage is the customer's responsibility unless the item is incorrect or faulty, in which case the seller will need to make arrangements to cover the return postage via a direct payment to the buyer via PayPal.

    The items must be unworn and in their original condition save for the customer's right to inspect the goods and try on the garments. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that returned goods are adequately packaged so they arrive back undamaged. Sellers are not obliged to accept refunds in other scenarios.


    You will be able to add your products via your dedicated seller dashboard.

    For items that are available in different sizes and colors, you must list those as part of a single product listing. For items with different styles (e.g. long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts) you should complete a separate listing.
    There is no exact photography size requirement for your products. However, the photos must be in portrait format and the minimum size is 400x600px.
    We know our customers love seeing great photography on Besty. They get inspired by beautiful imagery, plus it helps to build your brand identity and emphasizes how amazing your product is, too. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, on location or in a studio, the best place to shoot your imagery is totally up to you.
    We also encourage you to add videos to your product descriptions explaining the idea and the story behind each of your products and showing them worn by a model if possible.
    Besty also gives you the possibility to organize live streams to showcase products in front of customers in real time, discuss with them and sell seamlessly during the show! If you wish to organize a live stream on Besty, just let us know by email at [email protected] and we will explain you can achieve it.


    The best way to get noticed around the site is to ensure that you have a well thought out boutique, upload the best product imagery, and share amazing dynamic content such as videos or live streams. It is great to develop a brand identity through your imagery, videos and live streams which means customers will start to recognize your products, your collections and your boutique. Great content gets featured around the site as we want to present the best to our customers, so don’t underestimate the difference between an average static boutique without regular updates and a clean dynamic storefront with the latest content about your brand.

    Additionally, at Besty we encourage all boutiques to feature their Besty boutique and their Besty-hosted events on their social media accounts. This enables boutiques to promote to their network and also drive traffic to their storefront. A curated shop like your Besty boutique is more efficient to drive sales than classical stores with an endless catalogue of products. Also, if you are posting any relevant content on your social media accounts be sure to tag us!


    Besty allows you to list unisex items on the product creation page. These products will be listed both in the Men and Women categories. However, it is important that your first photo is a picture of both male and female models wearing the product or a picture of the product without any model wearing it.


    Besty is a luxury marketplace operating from the UK and France. We aim to let creative designers take center stage. We do this though 2 main ways : curation and education.

    Our core audience is made up of international luxury fashion lovers with a focus on the EU, the US and the UK. We put a particular attention to the fact that all our brands share common values of ethical and cruelty-free production.


    Besty has site-wide sales a couple of times a year. You will be alerted by email when we have an upcoming sale.

    A few days before we hold a sale you will be able to add items to it by lowering your prices and adding the regular prices as a “Compare at Price” in your product editing pages. When you add a discount to your item it will automatically be featured in the “Sale” section when our sale or event begins. When the sale or event ends you will then be able to put back the original price for your products.


    Boutiques can avoid negative customer experience by:

    - Having an accurate listing with detailed description and sizing

    - Providing prompt shipping that is in line with the shipping profile

    - Sending a detailed shipping message to the customer including the tracking number

    - Keeping customers up to date with any unexpected delays and offer incentives for them to shop again

    - Sending prompt replies to messages and prompt handling of customer queries

    - Including a delivery note


    A dispute occurs when a buyer and a seller cannot resolve a problem with a purchase. Raising a dispute should be a last resort for your customer. As the seller you should always try to resolve the issue by communicating and cooperating.

    Disputes may take some time and will require buyer and seller to provide evidence of their actions in the transaction and delivery of the item.


    Besty wants fashion to be cruelty-free. We do not permit the use of fur or endangered animal skin in products.


    To change the name of your boutique please contact [email protected] If you change your seller name, your pages and product listings may have new URLs, so be sure to update any links on your personal website and social platforms.


    Please email [email protected] if you want to remove your boutique. You may not remove your boutique if you have any open orders.

    Once you delete your store, it will be removed from the website and will not appear on the "Boutiques" page anymore, your subscription will be cancelled and your items will no longer be for sale. However any outstanding queries or orders need to be fulfilled.